A Modern Story of Purity and Tradition

We create aroma chemicals for the world's most desirable brands, affecting billions of lives everyday. Functioning
for over two decades, SBBLG is one of the largest aroma chemical manufacturing industry in Asia.

Who We Are

SHREE BANKEY BEHARI LAL GROUP was started by Shri Gopal Narain Gupta in 1965 with the first unit being named as Shree Bankey Behari Lal Board Mills which was built to manufacture semi kraft paper.

By 1995, with passing of time and sharper opportunities surfacing, the unit was then turned into a natural Menthol manufacturing unit.

Gradually, through the R&D process, the company started manufacturing Thymol from Meta Cresol in 2005

By 2012, striving to make a mark in mint derivates the company launched its first synthetic product - Menthone, Producing 1500 MTPA. ( Metric Tons Per Annum )


Natural Essential Oils

Natural essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from plants, capturing their essence and therapeutic properties. Widely used in aromatherapy, skincare, and holistic wellness practices, these oils offer various benefits, from relaxation to mood enhancement, and possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Clove Series

Clove-based chemicals, such as eugenol, exhibit potent antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds are widely used in pharmaceuticals, dentistry, and food preservation. With their distinct aroma and therapeutic benefits, clove derivatives are integral to various industries and traditional medicine practices worldwide.


Pine Derivatives

Pine derivatives encompass a diverse range of chemicals extracted from pine trees. These compounds find applications in various industries, including fragrances, adhesives, cleaning products, and pharmaceuticals. Common examples include turpentine, used in paints, and rosin, employed in adhesives and printing inks.


Aroma Chemicals

Aroma chemicals are synthetic compounds used in fragrance creation, providing scents for perfumes, cosmetics, and household products. These molecules mimic natural aromas or generate entirely new fragrances. They offer versatility and consistency, allowing perfumers to craft unique olfactory experiences with precision and reliability.


Floral Series

Floral derivative chemicals are organic compounds extracted from flowers, offering various applications in perfumery, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. These compounds contribute to fragrances, flavors, and therapeutic properties. Widely used in industries, they enhance products with natural scents and beneficial properties derived from floral sources.


Carvone Derivatives

Carvone derivatives are chemical compounds derived from carvone, found in essential oils of caraway and spearmint. These derivatives exhibit diverse applications, from flavoring agents to pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Their unique structures and properties make them valuable in various industries, contributing to innovative products and advancements.


Acetone Series

Acetone derivative chemicals, derived from acetone, exhibit diverse applications across industries. These compounds serve as solvents, intermediates in pharmaceuticals, and additives in various products. With properties like volatility and solubility, they play pivotal roles in manufacturing processes and research endeavors.


MInt Derivatives

Mint derivative chemicals are natural compounds extracted from mint plants, renowned for their refreshing aroma and flavor. These derivatives find diverse applications in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and aromatherapy industries. Their properties range from cooling effects to therapeutic benefits, making them valuable commodities.


Feed Chemicals

Feed chemicals are essential additives used in animal nutrition to enhance growth, health, and productivity. They include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, tailored to specific dietary requirements. Proper usage ensures balanced nutrition and optimal performance in livestock and poultry farming.

  • Applications

    Our product range caters to vaired industires across different verticals.

Why SBBLG is the Leading Chemical Manufacturer in India?

At SBBLG, we're committed to manufacturing the best chemicals that cater to different industries. Our extensive selection serves various domains including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, food, beverages, personal care, and toiletries. Backed by state-of-the-art production facilities, we prioritise prompt delivery and streamlined logistics, which have helped us establish ourselves as a leading chemical manufacturer in India.

We always foster long-term relationships with our employees, stakeholders, and customers. All the products at SBBLG go through stringent quality checks and come with certification, ensuring compliance with the most health and safety regulations. From flavors to fragrances, each chemical is made with utmost safety. Our commitment to surpassing excellence drives us to consistently enhance our capabilities, invest in research and development, and embrace new technologies. This ensures that we consistently provide superior quality to our customers. This has led to our emergence as market leaders for synthetic chemicals in India.

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SBBLG, located in Uttar Pradesh, India, leads the research and development efforts in a large unit. The unit occupies 1 acre or 43,560 square feet of land and boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The facility has distillation columns, reactors, storage tanks, freezing chambers, and a spacious warehouse. Hence, we ensure utmost safety without compromising the quality of our chemicals. We are always exploring new avenues for expansion and delivering the most innovative solutions to meet our clients' needs. SBBLG specializes in high-end specialty flavors and fragrance chemicals, including Carvone, Alpha Terpene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, and more.

All these chemicals cater to various industries. Additionally, we have a strong presence in certain segments of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector. Our partnership with our clients goes beyond geographic reach and offers long-lasting relationships. It makes us one of the best synthetic chemical exporters in Asia, North America, and Europe. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we meet all the global standards for quality and manufacturing excellence.

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SBBLG is a dependable partner that can offer a multitude of chemicals at a fair and reasonable cost. Whether you need flavours for your food venture or fragrances for cosmetics, we're dedicated to supporting your business operations. Ranked among the most esteemed specialty chemical firms nationwide, SBBLG specialises in bulk supplies and fulfilling synthetic chemical orders. With our extensive access to a diverse range of chemicals, we can cater to several verticals.

From personal care to the pharmaceutical sector, we provide essential ingredients for raw material, manufacturing, as well as testing processes. The range of chemicals includes L-carvone, D-carvone, Carvacrol, and their derivatives. They find applications in various consumer goods, perfumes, flavours, fragrances, and animal feed. At the same time, we are a leading manufacturer of Synthetic L-menthol in India and also produce DL-menthol and L-menthyl acetate. With a manufacturing capacity of 2200 tonnes per annum, we boast the largest warehouse facility among the three units.