Paint India 2023 was a vibrant celebration of innovation and creativity in the realm of paints and coatings. Held in Mumbai, it brought together industry leaders, researchers, and enthusiasts to showcase cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and emerging trends. From interactive exhibitions to insightful seminars, the event offered a platform for networking, learning, and forging new partnerships. Paint India 2023 truly painted a picture of the future of the industry.

SBBLG's participation at Paint India 2023 was monumental, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the coatings industry. Our innovative products garnered immense attention, attracting a plethora of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Through engaging demonstrations and insightful discussions, we highlighted our dedication to quality and sustainability. The event proved to be a grand success, solidifying SBBLG's position as a leader in the paint and coatings sector.

Paint India 2023

Event Detail

Start Date

2nd March 2023

End Date

3rd March 2023


India Expo Mart Limited, Greater Noida, India