5 things you should know about cosmetic preservatives

5 things you should know about cosmetic preservatives

There can be confusion about the use of cosmetic preservatives. Most companies and scientifically minded individuals are concerned about the safety of 'preservative-free' cosmetics. Since not all preservative-free skin care products are safe for your skin. That is why we will decode some of the facts that you must know about cosmetic preservatives.

Skin care needs preservatives

Cosmetics contain preservatives that prevent bacteria from growing. They accomplish this by killing microbes or creating an environment where bacteria cannot spread. Rethink your stance on carefully selected preservatives if you don't want bacteria, fungi, mold, and other microbes in your moisturizer.

Cosmetics without preservatives are not recommended

The presence of very harmful ingredients makes many products unsuitable for our recommendation. The same is true for all-natural skin care products that do not contain effective preservatives.

The world is opting for safer preservatives. Although the list of preservatives to avoid is long, that doesn't mean you should refrain from using them.

Beware of labels that claim their products are paraben-free

Even though many companies are removing parabens from their products, the alternatives may not always be better.

There is evidence that parabens have estrogenic properties that fuel the growth of existing cancer cells. They have also been reported to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in some studies. We're all exposed to many chemicals on a daily basis, including parabens. Science isn't conclusive. When safer alternatives are available, it's wise to exercise caution in this case.

Natural preservatives are better

Skincare formulators tend to be skeptical of preservatives since they perceive them as risky and do not want to endanger their customers. Cosmetic preservatives are necessary for water-based cosmetics to protect customers, products, and businesses from disasters. So preservatives should be chosen based on the solubility, preservation spectrum, and working pH range.

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