Get the best Flavouring agent manufacturers for beverages

Get the best Flavouring agent manufacturers for beverages

Various types, tastes, and textures of food exist, and we all have preferences based on the flavors we like in a particular food. The flavors one perceives in food products are the result of chemical interactions between the sensory systems and the food itself. While most of us associate food with its taste, it is actually the combination of both taste and smells that determines the flavor of the food and beverages are no exception to this. Most beverages use food  flavoring agent to enhance the flavor. A flavoring agent is a substance used to impart a desired flavor or alter an existing one by modifying its smell and taste. In the beverage industry, you can find two types of synthesis: natural flavoring agents and artificial flavoring agents. SBBLG is the supplier for both flavoring agents which are of utmost quality and standard. Here are some of the examples of flavoring agents used in beverages:

Ethyl Butyrate

Ethyl Butyrate is also known as butyric ether. It is a popular organic compound with the IUPAC name ethyl butonate. This agent is used in fruit products such as packed juices, and flavored beverages. Ethanol butyrate has a sweet fruity aroma that makes the juice delicious. Additionally, these odor characteristics make ethyl butyrate useful in the perfume industry as well. In fruits like figs, apples, and passion fruit, ethanol butyrate is naturally occurring in small amounts; however, it can be synthesized by reacting ethanol with butyric acid on a large scale.


A beverage flavoring system consists of a variety of ingredients, including flavoring agents, flavor enhancers, flavor carriers, emulsifiers, preservatives, and stabilizers. In both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, these agents enhance flavor.

Citrus fruits and their peels contain the chemical limonene. It is an aliphatic hydrocarbon (colorless) classified as a cyclic monoterpene. To hide the bitter taste of alkaloids, D-limonene is used in beverage production and some medicines. Chewing gum, non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream, and candy all contain limonene as a flavoring agent.

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