How Aroma Chemicals are used in Perfumery?

How Aroma Chemicals are used in Perfumery?

Perfumes never have failed to enchant us throughout the generations of mankind. These fragrances containing mystic sprays are not new to the 21st century. Perfumes have been a part of history and used in different ancient cultures of South Asia. They also gained importance in Arab civilization and ancient Rome.

The mass marketing of perfume started after WWII with the Industrial Revolution. During the 19th century a lot of synthetic chemicals were introduced to the manufacture of perfume.

The large scale production made all the perfumes quite affordable and several scent companies came to shine. Today it has become a billion dollar industry. Although the scientific process of manufacturing perfume has evolved with the advent of technology and many refinements, the essential ingredients remain the same.

Aroma chemicals also known as an odorant, aroma, or fragrance, are the important chemical compounds that give the perfume its particular smell or odor. An aroma chemical is volatile in nature and that is how your sensors can enjoy its fragrance.

Most perfumes use derivatives of benzene as aromatic compounds.  These are widely used in perfumery because of its superior blending qualities.The most common compounds found in perfume are benzyl alcohol, acetone, ethanol, ethyl acetate, benzaldehyde, formaldehyde, and sometimes methylene chloride or limonene.

For example, Benzyl alcohol is an aromatic chemical with a pleasant yet strong smell. Similarly, like Benzaldehyde, Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid which has a strong pleasant odor.

It is also used as a fragrance in several perfumeries and acts as a flavoring agent. If you check your cosmetics label, you can find a number of products containing Benzyl alcohol as an ingredient in the formulation.

Process of perfumer manufacturing involves essential oils derived from plant and flower material as well as resources like alcohol (ethanol). The process further undergoes steam distillation, boiling, solvent extraction, enfleurage, etc. But what it takes to make a good perfume is good quality raw materials. Here in this case only high quality aroma chemicals with maximum purity can result in a divine fragrance. SBBLG provides superior quality aroma chemicals that exceeds your expectations and perfectly suitable for all cosmetic industries.