How do shopping malls use air freshener flavoring agents to attract customers?

How do shopping malls use air freshener flavoring agents to attract customers?

In the retail sector, it's essential to please all of your customers' five senses. Scent plays an important role in this situation. Candles pose safety risks, and perfume sprays can be expensive and ineffective. So retail shops and shopping malls achieve an evenly spread aroma using either air fresheners or cold air diffusers. They can schedule to disperse fragrance during store operating hours.

These scent diffusers can disperse aroma throughout your store. When you strategically position them in high-traffic zones, it will attract more customers.

Why do retailers use refreshing fragrances?

  • Shopping malls often use air freshener flavoring agents to create a more pleasant and enticing shopping environment. Here are some ways in which they use these scents to attract customers:
  • A welcoming atmosphere: Shopping malls use pleasant scents to create a welcoming atmosphere for their customers. A great fragrance can make shoppers feel more comfortable and relaxed. It can enhance their overall shopping experience.
  • An unpleasant odor? Nobody likes it: If you observe carefully, you will realize that the dairy section smells different than the clothing section. Similarly, a huge shopping center with crowded places such as jewelry stores, food courts, and restrooms can face the issue of mixed odors. Retailers solve this issue with air fresheners that can mask or neutralize any unpleasant smells. This will make the environment more enjoyable for shoppers.
  • Branding and identity: Some shopping malls develop a signature scent that becomes part of their identity. You can experience this when you visit Walmart or similar stores. This unique scent can help customers associate a particular thing with a positive and memorable experience.
  • Targeting specific sections: Some malls may use scents to promote specific stores or areas within the mall. For instance, they might use the aroma of freshly baked bread to draw people into a bakery or the scent of essential oil to attract visitors to the personal care section.

How do shopping malls use air fresheners?

Scent marketing is employed to evoke specific emotions in prospective customers. It discreetly prompts the customers to not only integrate a particular scent into their brand's identity but also to enhance the overall experience. This, in turn, fosters positive associations and lasting memories through the power of these air freshener flavoring agents.

This approach engages our olfactory senses through various fragrances that stir emotions and trigger memories within our minds. Consequently, our brains establish a connection between the product and the invoked memories. Specific flavoring agents are used in air fresheners which help release our happy hormones. We have mentioned a few of those agents below:


Carvone is a naturally occurring monoterpene and is present in two enantiomers: (D)-carvone and (L)-carvone. The good news is that both enantiomers are renowned for their distinct flavors and aromas. Carvones find broad applications as commercial products in various industries, primarily used for their unique flavors. When you get a refreshing scent in pharmacy shops or beauty stores, it's all because of Carvone.


Menthol is known for its cooling and invigorating properties. But more than that it is a popular flavoring agent for air fresheners. Retailers use it particularly for restroom areas and toiletries sections to avoid the unpleasant smell. It can help create a sensation of cleanliness and purity. Additionally, manufacturers also use menthol in combination with other fragrances to create unique and more complex scents in air freshener products.


Thymol is naturally derived from thyme oil, which is a complex mixture of compounds. As per the US EPA, thymol is noted for its multiple antimicrobial properties and hence it is used as an agent for air purification. It can help reduce or mask unwanted odors while creating a fresher and cleaner environment. Additionally, the herbal and aromatic qualities of thymol can contribute to a sense of natural freshness and purity in the air which makes it a desirable component in air freshener products.

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