5 popular essential oil flavors used in F&B industry

5 popular essential oil flavors used in F&B industry

With the rise of the 'natural lifestyle' trend, essential oils have become staples in every household for aromatherapy and cosmetics. However, the food and beverage industry has been using essential oil flavors for eons now. Many restaurants also use them to serve you a wide variety of flavors. Yes, you read it right!

A diverse range of essential oil flavors can be used for flavoring and are safe to consume. Candies, chocolates, frostings, baked goods, soups, and marinades can all benefit from these powerful, essential oils when used sparingly. Let us have a look at the 5 popular essential oil flavors used in F&B:


Lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils. As a result of its delicate flavor and floral aroma, it is an excellent ingredient for a variety of recipes. Restaurants use this oil for desserts like scones and even savory dishes.


With its cool and refreshing flavor, Peppermint oil makes a great addition to tea or lemonade. Besides minty treats, it can also be used in brownies, fudge, and peppermint bark.


Unlike other types of oils, citrus oils are pressed directly from the peel of the fruit, so they are much closer in flavor to citrus fruits. They are also not steam distilled, which means they haven't been heated. Therefore, the citrus essential oil is not used with heat. Instead, most brands used it in drinks and smoothies.

Cinnamon bark oil

This oil is added as a spicy flavor to food, tea, and hot chocolate. There are a number of health benefits to cinnamon, including its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.


Typically, thyme essential oil is used in "cleaning" blends. Most of its effects are attributed to its ability to fight microbes that cause illness. This excellent savory essential oil is made from a flavorful culinary herb that blends well with soups and stews.

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