Everything you need to know about oral hygiene additives

Everything you need to know about oral hygiene additives

Most countries classify oral hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouthwash as not only personal hygiene products but also lifestyle products a hence, many industries prefer to use synthetic additives in their formulation.

Sweeteners and flavoring agents are the two most common additives used in these products to enhance their taste. But why is it so important to have flavoring agents in oral hygiene products?

  • Making “not so appealing task” an exciting one!

The activity of brushing teeth should be made appealing so that one looks forward towards starting the day with a cool, fresh breath and going to bed with a similar feeling. Through its flavors, this 'not so appealing' activity becomes an exciting part of the daily routine. Children, youth and the elderly have different tastes when it comes to flavors. Children prefer sweeter, confectionery notes in their toothpaste, whereas youngsters prefer minty, strong, cool, sometimes bitter, salty profiles.

  • Overcoming taste challenges

The flavor of an item is very important from a marketing perspective since consumers can have a strong preference for it. It is common for toothpaste to contain flavoring agents that mask the bitter or metallic taste of other ingredients. Peppermint, saccharin, and xylitol are common flavoring agents and sweeteners. It is important to consider how the composition of ingredients in toothpaste can interact with the flavor ingredients when adding any flavoring agent. It is because they not only impart their own aroma and organoleptic profile but also their functional groups. Hence while making sure it tastes good, industries need to adhere to all the regulatory requirements as well.

Menthol - An important additive in oral hygiene products

Several water-insoluble essential oils are used as flavoring agents in toothpaste and mouthwashes, including spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol. Menthol is the most common and important one to cover the unpleasant smell and taste of raw materials. It adds a refreshing flavor to any oral hygiene product.

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