Importance of aroma chemicals in soaps

Importance of aroma chemicals in soaps

In the production of personal care products like soaps and body washes, fragrances are often used as a primary ingredient. With a subtle splash of fragrance and the power of the sense of smell combined, it can evoke cherished memories and an array of emotions that can lift spirits.

That is why a fragrance can serve to position a brand a certain way, such as catching consumers' attention to be easily recognized or to distinguish their product from others, besides covering the aroma from a mixture of other active chemicals.

Fragrance: What is it?

The U.S. - Food and Drug Administration defines fragrance as a chemical that imparts a scent to a product, be it a perfume, cosmetic, skincare, body care, and so on.

Fragrances themselves can be divided into two types. Natural fragrances are made from extracts of real flowers or plant essences. The second type is synthetic fragrance, a fragrance that is formulated from a combination of aroma chemicals and essential oils.

Importance of Aroma Chemicals

Manufacturers of soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and personal care products use synthetic aroma chemicals. Many times, they have benefits and uses that cannot be replicated by natural products or ingredients.

While natural ingredients can be used to create fragrances, they are not always suitable since they do not blend well with other fragrances or chemical components. For fragrance manufacturers, aroma chemicals are essential in order to reproduce a strong natural scent without compromising the other chemicals within the fragrance and thus produce a quality fragrance.

Despite the fact that customers demand natural scents in their cosmetics, the risk of allergies and skin sensitivities makes it difficult for manufacturers to produce cosmetics with natural ingredients. SBBLG’s extensive production of aroma chemicals allows us to provide the best fragrance to soap and cosmetics manufacturers. Apart from soaps we also cater to shampoos and hair care industries that respond to skin sensitivities and contribute to the production of high-quality cosmetics products. With decades of experience and a large spread research area, SBBLG has become one of the leading manufacturers of aroma chemicals.