Role of flavoring agents in vegan products

Role of flavoring agents in vegan products

The “Save Animals movement” has led to creating more awareness of malpractices in the food industry. Therefore, more people are turning towards veganism. But the demand for delicious and satisfying vegan products is also on the rise. This is where food flavoring agents come into play. They can multiply the taste of vegan foods by ten times. Even their non-vegan friends can enjoy this food. This blog explores the importance of flavoring agents in vegan products and highlights some key compounds used in the industry.

Dihydro Carvone

Dihydro carvone is a naturally occurring compound found in essential oils. It provides a fresh, minty flavor that is often used to enhance the taste of vegan dairy alternatives like cheese and yogurt. For example, dihydro carvone can be used to give vegan cream cheese a refreshing flavor.


Linalool is a type of terpene that you can find in many flowers and spice plants. It imparts a floral and slightly spicy taste. Hence, it is ideal for use in vegan baked goods, beverages, and desserts. For example, linalool can enhance the flavor profile of vegan lavender cookies or herbal teas.


You can find Thymol in thyme oil. It has a strong, earthy flavor with a hint of medicinal notes. It is commonly used in savory vegan products to replicate the flavors found in traditional meat-based dishes. For example, brands add thymol to vegan sausages or burgers to provide a robust, herby taste. It can mimic the seasoning of meat products.


Eugenol is also known for its warm, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor. It is often used in vegan products to add a rich, aromatic note. It is widely used in vegan-based baking products. Brands use eugenol for vegan pumpkin pies or gingerbread cookies. It gives them a distinctive spiciness.

Final Thoughts

Flavoring agents play an essential role in creating delicious and appealing vegan products. However, you need to select and use these compounds carefully. You can rely on a trustworthy supplier like SBBLG for all your flavors and fragrance requirements.

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