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Diacetone Alcohol

Diacetone Alcohol

Diacetone Alcohol is a colorless liquid solvent with a mild, sweet odor. It's commonly used as a solvent in coatings, paints, and inks due to its solvency properties and as a fragrance fixative in perfumes and cosmetics.

CATEGORY: Acetone Series
INDUSTRY: Paint Industry
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Diacetone Alcohol, a colorless liquid solvent with a mild, sweet odor, is valued for its solvency properties in coatings, paints, and inks. It's also employed as a fragrance fixative in perfumes and cosmetics, enhancing scent longevity.


Diacetone Alcohol serves as a solvent in various industrial applications, including coatings, paints, and inks, due to its ability to dissolve other substances effectively. In perfumes and cosmetics, it's used as a fixative to prolong the scent of fragrances.

Industry Application

Diacetone Alcohol is utilized in the coatings and printing industries as a solvent for paints, coatings, and inks. Moreover, it's employed in the fragrance industry to enhance the longevity of scents in perfumes and cosmetic formulations.


Molecular Formula C6H12O2
Product Type (Natural/Synthetic) Synthetic
Haz/Non Haz Haz
Package Size (in KG) 195
Category Acetone Series
Industry Paint Industry
Color/Appearance Clear liquid free from suspended matter
Specific gravity (25ºC) 0.938 – 0.941
Moisture Content 0.10 Max
Color (Pt-Co) 25 Max
Acidity as Acetic Acid(%) 0.01 Max
Water Miscibility To pass test
Non Volatile Matter (g/100 ml) 0.01 Max
GC Purity 99.0% Min
Storage Store in cool, dry and dark places, Away from direct sunlight.

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