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Thymol Crystals

Thymol Crystals

Thymol Crystals are natural crystalline structures derived from thyme oil, offering a strong, aromatic odor. They're commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries for their antimicrobial properties and as flavor enhancers.

CATEGORY: Aroma , Feed Chemicals
INDUSTRY: Animal Feed , Flavor , Fragrance , Pharmaceuticals
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Thymol Crystals, derived from thyme oil, present strong, aromatic odors in crystalline form. They're prized in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic sectors for their antimicrobial effects and as flavor enhancers.


Thymol Crystals are added to pharmaceutical formulations like mouthwashes and ointments for their antimicrobial properties. In the food industry, they're utilized as flavoring agents in products like candies and chewing gum. Moreover, they're incorporated into cosmetic products for their potential therapeutic effects.

Industry Application

Thymol Crystals find application in the pharmaceutical industry for their antimicrobial properties, aiding in the treatment of oral infections and skin conditions. Additionally, they're utilized in the food and cosmetic industries as flavoring agents and for potential therapeutic benefits.


Molecular Formula C10H14O
Product Type (Natural/Synthetic) Synthetic
Haz/Non Haz Haz
Package Size (in KG) 25
Category Aroma
Industry Flavor
Color/Appearance Colorless to white crystals
Solubility Soluble in equal volume of ethanol
Appreance Crystals
Melting Range 480C – 520C
Non Volatile Residue NMT 0.05%
GC Analysis 99.0% Minimum
Storage Store in cool, dry and dark place, Away from direct sunlight.

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