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Alpha Terpineol (Ex-Pine)

Alpha Terpineol (Ex-Pine)

Alpha Terpineol, derived from pine, is a natural monoterpene alcohol with a pleasant pine scent. It's widely used in fragrances, cosmetics, and cleaning products for its refreshing aroma and antibacterial properties.

CATEGORY: Pine Dertivates
INDUSTRY: Fragrance , Pharmaceuticals
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Alpha Terpineol, extracted from pine, offers a fresh, pine-like fragrance with antibacterial qualities. It's a popular ingredient in fragrances, cosmetics, and cleaning agents, prized for its refreshing scent and cleansing properties.


Alpha Terpineol is utilized in air fresheners, perfumes, and household cleaners for its pleasing scent and antimicrobial properties. It's also employed in aromatherapy for its potential therapeutic benefits, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Industry Application

Alpha Terpineol finds application in the fragrance industry for its pine-like aroma, as well as in the production of cleaning products for its antimicrobial properties. It's also utilized in cosmetics for its refreshing scent and potential skin-soothing effects.


Molecular Formula C10H18O
Product Type (Natural/Synthetic) Synthetic
Haz/Non Haz Non Haz
Package Size (in KG) 195
Category Pine Dertivates
Industry Fragrance
Color/Appearance Colorless to pale yellow
Solubility Insoluble in water soluble in alcohol and oils
Appreance Liquid
Odour Lilac type
Refractive Index (n20/D) 1.480 – 1.4890
Specific gravity (25ºC) 0.925 – 0.935
GC Analysis 98% Minimum
Storage Store in cool, dry and dark place, Away from direct sunlight.
Packaging Store in cool, dry and dark place, Away from direct sunlight.

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