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D-Limonene is a natural organic compound with a citrusy, lemon-like aroma. It's commonly extracted from citrus peels and used in the fragrance industry for its uplifting scent, as well as in cleaning products and aromatherapy for its degreasing and mood-enhancing properties.

CATEGORY: Natural Essential Oils
INDUSTRY: Flavor , Food , Fragrance , Pharmaceuticals
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D-Limonene, derived from citrus peels, offers a citrusy, lemon-like aroma prized in the fragrance industry for its uplifting scent. It's also valued in cleaning products for its degreasing properties and in aromatherapy for its mood-enhancing effects.


D-Limonene is utilized in perfumes, colognes, and air fresheners for its fresh, citrus fragrance. In cleaning products, it's added for its excellent degreasing capabilities. In aromatherapy, it's used to uplift mood and reduce stress.

Industry Application

D-Limonene finds application in the fragrance industry for its citrusy aroma, enhancing the freshness of perfumes and air fresheners. Additionally, it's employed in the cleaning industry for its effective degreasing properties, contributing to the efficacy of household cleaners.


Molecular Formula C10H16
Product Type (Natural/Synthetic) Natural
Haz/Non Haz Haz
Package Size (in KG) 170
Category Natural Essential Oils
Industry Flavor
Color/Appearance Colourless to Pale yellow
Solubility Clear in ethanol
Appreance Liquid
Refractive Index (n20/D) 1.47 – 1.48
Optical Rotation (20°C) (+) 960C – (+)1040C
Specific gravity (25ºC) 0.838 – 0.844
GC Purity 94% Minimum
Storage Store in cool, dry and dark places, Away from direct sunlight.

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