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Iso Menthone

Iso Menthone

Iso Menthone is a synthetic organic compound with a minty, cooling aroma reminiscent of natural menthol. It's commonly used in the fragrance industry as a cooling agent and in personal care products for its refreshing scent.

CATEGORY: Mint Derivatives
INDUSTRY: Flavor , Fragrance , Pharmaceuticals
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Iso Menthone, a synthetic compound with a minty, cooling aroma similar to natural menthol, is employed in the fragrance and personal care industries. It serves as a cooling agent and provides a refreshing scent to various products.


Iso Menthone is added to perfumes, colognes, and body sprays for its cooling effect and minty fragrance. In personal care items like lotions and shower gels, it contributes to a refreshing sensory experience.

Industry Application

Iso Menthone finds application in the fragrance industry for its cooling properties, enhancing the freshness of scented products. Additionally, it's utilized in the personal care industry to add a minty, refreshing scent to various formulations.


Molecular Formula C10H18O
Product Type (Natural/Synthetic) Synthetic
Haz/Non Haz Non Haz
Package Size (in KG) 180
Category Mint Derivatives
Industry Flavor
Color/Appearance Pale yellow TO yellow
Solubility Soluble in equal volume of ethanol
Appreance Liquid
Relative Density (ºC) 0.8900 – 0.9100
Refractive Index (n20/D) 1.4400 – 1.4600
GC Purity 90% Minimum
Storage Store in cool, dry and dark places, Away from direct sunlight.

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