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Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals are natural crystals derived from mint oils, offering a strong, cooling sensation and minty aroma. They're commonly used in pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and flavorings for their refreshing properties.

CATEGORY: Mint Derivatives
INDUSTRY: Flavor , Fragrance , Pharmaceuticals
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Menthol Crystals, derived from mint oils, provide a potent cooling sensation and minty aroma. They're valued in pharmaceuticals, personal care, and flavorings for their refreshing properties.


Menthol Crystals are added to topical pain relief products such as balms and ointments for their cooling sensation and potential analgesic effects. In oral care items like toothpaste and mouthwash, they provide a refreshing taste and may offer antibacterial benefits.

Industry Application

Menthol Crystals find application in the pharmaceutical industry for their analgesic properties, providing relief from pain and discomfort in topical preparations. Additionally, they're utilized in the personal care and flavor industries for their refreshing properties.


Molecular Formula C10H20O
Product Type (Natural/Synthetic) Synthetic
Haz/Non Haz Non Haz
Package Size (in KG) 25
Category Mint Derivatives
Industry Flavor
Color/Appearance Pale yellow to yellow
Solubility 0.1 g / 10ml Acetone, clear
Appreance Liquid
Relative Density (ºC) 0.96 – 0.97
Refractive Index (n20/D) 1.481 – 1.486
GC Purity 99.0 Min
Storage Store in cool, dry and dark places, Away from direct sunlight.

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